An excellent triangle is a great three-people dating system

It is noticed this building stop or “molecule” off larger emotional possibilities because a beneficial triangle ‘s the minuscule secure relationships program. A two-individual method is erratic as it tolerates little pressure ahead of related to a 3rd person. An excellent triangle can be contain sigbificantly more stress in place of related to another person given that stress can shift around three dating. In case the tension is simply too higher for 1 triangle so you’re able to incorporate, they advances to help you a series of “interlocking” triangles. Spreading the strain is also balance out a network, however, there is nothing fixed.

Mans procedures during the good triangle mirror the operate to assure its mental attachments so you’re able to very important others, their reactions so you’re able to excessive strength about accessories, and their taking sides within the others’ disputes. Continua a leggere